HTML Editor Overview

  • Cut (Ctrl+X)
  • Copy (Ctrl+C)
  • Paste (Ctrl+V)
  • Paste from Word
  • Undo (Ctrl+Z)
  • Redo (Ctrl+Y)
  • Remove Format
  • Superscript
  • Subscript
  • Ordered List
  • Bullet List
  • Indent
  • Outdent
  • Insert Link (Ctrl+K)
  • Remove Link (Ctrl+Shift+K)
  • Insert Image (Ctrl+G)
  • Insert Table
  • Find and Replace (Ctrl+H)
  • Full Screen (F11)
  • v
  • v
  • Bold (Ctrl+B)
  • Italic (Ctrl+I)
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Align Left (Ctrl+L)
  • Align Center (Ctrl+E)
  • Align Right (Ctrl+R)
  • Back Color
  • Fore Color
About the HTML Editor

ASPxHtmlEditor is a powerful HTML Text Editor for ASP.NET. Regardless of the solution you need to build – be it a blog editor, an email client or a simple application for exchanging formatted documents within your company - you can drop the control onto a form and have instant access to a text editor with an intuitive user interface that resembles Microsoft® Word (with similar toolbars and keyboard shortcuts).

The following code demonstrates how to add an HTML editor to your project and populate it manually with the rich formatted text using the Html property.

<dx:ASPxHtmlEditor ID="DemoHtmlEditor" runat="server"
    Html="<div><strong>Blueberries</strong> are perennial flowering plants with indigo-colored berries in the section <em><strong>Cyanococcus</strong></em> within the genus <em><a href='' title='Vaccinium'>Vaccinium</a></em> (a genus that also includes cranberries and bilberries).</div>">

Key Features
  • Safe Markup Generation
    ASPxHtmlEditor automatically performs validation and is able to remove all potentially harmful code.
  • Paste Formatting
    ASPxHtmlEditor provides the capability to automatically format the pasted HTML content.
  • Insert Media Content
    Explorer-like tools help simplify the way in which end-users insert images, documents, flash, audio, video, and YouTube video files to editor content.
  • Tag Inspector
    The built-in tag inspector allows end-users to easily navigate through tag hierarchy and customize tag properties.
  • Placeholders
    Placeholders allow end-users to create template documents, which then can be filled with required data, e.g., from a database.
  • Validation Support
    ASPxHtmlEditor allows you to provide custom HTML markup validation logic. In addition, you can enable powerful content validation, which can be performed both on the client and the server.
  • Spell Checking
    ASPxHtmlEditor provides end-users with built-in spell-checking capabilities.
  • Import and Export
    With ASPxHtmlEditor, you can import and export editor content from/to various document formats including Rich Text (.rtf), Office Open XML (.docx), MIME HTML (.mht), Open Document (.odt), Plain Text (.txt) and Portable Document (.pdf).
Version: v2017 vol 1.5
Copyright © 2006-2017 Developer Express Inc
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