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Multiple File Selection

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This demo illustrates the DevExpress ASP.NET File Manager (ASPxFileManager) control’s multiple file selection capability. It allows end-users to choose multiple files and perform actions on them simultaneously.

Multiple file selection is disabled by default. To enable it, set the Settings.EnableMultiselect property to true.

Multiple file selection is available in both the detail and thumbnail file list modes. You can switch between modes using the View Mode combo box.

Multiple file selection can be performed using a keyboard in the following ways.

  • Use the ARROW keys to move focus.
  • Use the SPACE key to mark a focused file as either selected or unselected.
  • Focus a file while holding the CTRL key to select or deselect a file without changing the other selection.
  • Multiple files can easily be selected by moving focus using either the ARROW keys or the mouse while holding down the SHIFT key.
  • Click a file's check box to select or deselect a file without changing the other selection.

In this demo, the ASPxFileManager control’s SelectionChanged client event is handled to demonstrate how you can obtain information about selected files using the GetSelectedItems client method.

Local Copy of this Demo
To inspect the source code for this demo on your machine, you must first install our components via the DevExpress Component Installer.
You can open a local copy of this online demo directly from this webpage (if using v20.2.8, 21.1.4 or higher).
Open CS Solution
Open VB Solution
The source code files for this demo are installed (by default) in the following directories:
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\CS\ASPxFileManagerAndUploadDemos
\Users\Public\Documents\DevExpress Demos XX.X\Components\ASP.NET\VB\ASPxFileManagerAndUploadDemos