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File Upload to Dropbox

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Allowed file extensions: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png.
Maximum file size: 4 MB.

Uploaded files

The DevExpress ASP.NET Upload Control (ASPxUploadControl) allows you to upload files to the most popular cloud services.

In this demo, the Upload Control's UploadStorage property is set to Dropbox. To connect the ASPxUploadControl to Dropbox cloud storage, register a Dropbox account in the global.asax file using the RegisterDropbox method and then specify the following settings provided by the DropboxSettings property.

  • The AccountName: Specifies the name of a Dropbox account.

When using Dropbox Service, a file can be accessed by its key name, which is returned by the FileNameInStorage property of the UploadedFile object.

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