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This demo illustrates how the ASPxObjectContainer control can programmatically control the associated flash object by sending specific commands to the flash and responding to its feedback. Click the checkboxes in the rightmost panel, or specific countries in the Flash-based interactive map, and see how the corresponding checkboxes and countries are synchronized.

In this demo, when a checkbox is clicked, the corresponding country in the Flash object is specifically highlighted by using the SetVariable method of the ASPxObjectContainer control. This method receives two parameters - the required variable of the flash object and the variable's value. (See JS code, the SelectCountryInFlash function)

When a country in the flash object is clicked, a specific client-side FlashScriptCommand event is raised by the ASPxObjectContainer control. In this event's handler, the corresponding checkbox state is changed based on the e.args parameter value. (See the ASPX code.)