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ASP.NET WebForms

95+ ASP.NET Controls

The controls that ship as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription help you create engaging, interactive and touch-enabled web experiences that emulate the capabilities of today’s most popular web applications and maintain the highest performance standards regardless of the demands placed upon your web application by your end-users.
Header Options

The DevExpress ASP.NET Round Panel (ASPxRoundPanel) ccontrol is a container area with rounded corners. This demo illustrates the primary features available to you when using the ASPxRoundPanel. The options pane on the right allows you to modify control properties, including:

  • View – Specifies the round panel view: Standard or GroupBox. Note: Collapse functionality is available only for the Standard view.
  • ShowHeader – Specifies panel header visibility.
  • AllowCollapsingByHeaderClick – Specifies whether an end-user can expand and collapse a panel by clicking the panel header.
  • ShowCollapseButton – Specifies whether a collapse button is displayed in the panel header.
  • EnabledAnimation – Specifies whether a slide animation effect is used during expansion/collapse of the panel.