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About the File Manager

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC File Manager extension provides advanced file management and Windows Explorer-like functionality for your web application. It allows end-users to browse, select and upload files, or change folder structure by renaming, moving and deleting files or folders. File and folder management capabilities are fully customizable and can be disabled when necessary.

Follow the three simple steps below to add a DevExpress FileManager extension and bind it to your data. It's easy as “M”, “V”, and “C”.

1. Model (the “M” in MVC). First, you will need a data Model object for the FileManager to bind to. The Model for FileManager is any custom file system provider or folder within your project (learn more in our online docs).

2. View (the “V” in MVC). Next, you will declare the FileManager extension inside of the View. Specifically, you will create a Partial View because the DevExpress FileManager extension provides AJAX callbacks by default, to give your end-users a better experience without updating the entire page. However, because ASP.NET MVC does not support callbacks, declare the FileManager extension inside of a Partial View and define how the callbacks will be routed back to your controller using the CallbackRouteValues property.

@Html.DevExpress().FileManager(settings => {
    settings.Name = "FileManager";
    settings.CallbackRouteValues = new { Controller = "FileManager", Action = "OverviewPartial" };
    settings.DownloadRouteValues = new { Controller = "FileManager", Action = "DownloadFiles" };
    settings.Settings.ThumbnailFolder = Url.Content("~/FileManager/Thumbnails");
    settings.Settings.InitialFolder = "Images\\Product icons";

In the controller code, add the action that will handle FileManager callbacks ("OverviewPartial" in the code sample below).

Controller code:

public class HomeController: Controller {
  public object RootFolder = "~/FileManager/Files";
  public ActionResult Overview() {
    return View("Overview", RootFolder);
  public ActionResult OverviewPartial() {
    return PartialView("OverviewPartial", RootFolder);
  public FileStreamResult DownloadFiles() {
    return FileManagerExtension.DownloadFiles(
      "FileManager", (string)RootFolder);

Watch a short five-minute getting started video now to learn about the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC FileManager extension.

Key Features
  • Amazon Provider
    FileManager provides the capability to work with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).
  • Azure Provider
    FileManager provides the capability to work with Azure Web Services.
  • Dropbox Provider
    FileManager provides the capability to work with Dropbox Service.
  • Custom Toolbar
    FileManager allows you to provide custom toolbar and context menu items.
  • Binding to Data
    You can bind FileManager to a folder within your project or to your custom file system provider.
  • Access Control
    FileManager allows you to define access permissions for folders and files.
  • Multiple File Selection
    FileManager allows end-users to choose several files and perform actions on them simultaneously.
  • Detail View
    In the Detail View mode, a file list is represented by a grid containing information about files.
  • File Uploading
    File Manager allows your end-users to upload files using a built-in upload panel.
  • File Downloading
    You can provide your end-users with the ability to download files selected within FileManager.
  • Rich Client-Side Functionality
    A comprehensive client-side API is available for FileManager. This functionality, coupled with the ability to handle events on the client side, gives you full control over the file manager behavior on the client side.
Version: v2017 vol 1.7
Copyright © 2006-2017 Developer Express Inc
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