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Ajax ActionLink

Product Name 
Quantity Per Unit 
Unit Price 
Chai10 boxes x 20 bags$18.00Beverages
Chang24 - 12 oz bottles$19.00Beverages
Aniseed Syrup12 - 550 ml bottles$10.00Condiments
Chef Anton's Cajun Seasoning48 - 6 oz jars$22.00Condiments
Chef Anton's Gumbo Mix36 boxes$21.35Condiments
Grandma's Boysenberry Spread12 - 8 oz jars$25.00Condiments
Uncle Bob's Organic Dried Pears12 - 1 lb pkgs.$30.00Produce
Northwoods Cranberry Sauce12 - 12 oz jars$40.00Condiments
Mishi Kobe Niku18 - 500 g pkgs.$97.00Meat/Poultry
Ikura12 - 200 ml jars$31.00Seafood
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DevExpress MVC extensions support the Ajax.ActionLink() helper method.

The Ajax.ActionLink() helper method returns an anchor element that contains the URL to the specified action method; when the action link is clicked, the action method is invoked asynchronously by using JavaScript.

In this demo, the Ajax.ActionLink() is used to render a link that allows end-users to load information about the GridView item's category.

You can learn more about the Ajax.ActionLink() helper from MSDN Reference: AjaxExtensions.ActionLink Method.