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About the Pivot Grid

The DevExpress Pivot Grid is the ultimate tool for organizing and analyzing your business data. Its main functionality is ability to summarize large amounts of information and represent it in a cross-tabulated form. This functionality allows creating financial and statistical reports.

PivotGrid allows you to easily reorganize the extension's layout using drag-and-drop. As a result, business data will be re-summarized according to a new layout of column and row fields.

The following code demonstrates how to add a pivot grid to your project, bind it to a data source, and create pivot grid fields that are mapped to appropriate fields from a database.

Partial View code:

@Html.DevExpress().PivotGrid(settings => {
    settings.Name = "pivotGrid";
    settings.CallbackRouteValues = new {
      Controller = "Overview", Action = "OverviewPartial" };
    settings.OptionsView.ShowHorizontalScrollBar = true;
    settings.Fields.Add("Extended_Price", PivotArea.DataArea);
    settings.Fields.Add("CategoryName", PivotArea.RowArea);
    settings.Fields.Add("Country", PivotArea.ColumnArea);
    settings.Fields.Add("ProductName", PivotArea.FilterArea);

The controller is where you will need to define the action methods that handle PivotGrid's callbacks. The "OverviewPartial" action method below handles the callbacks. While the GetSalesPerson action method gets the data from the model to pass to the View. As you can see, the native DevExpress PivotGrid extension follows the ASP.NET MVC pattern while providing powerful features for your end-users.

Controller code:

public class HomeController: Controller {
  public ActionResult Index() {
    return View("Overview", GetSalesPerson());
  public ActionResult OverviewPartial() {
    return PartialView("OverviewPartial", GetSalesPerson());
  public static IEnumerable GetSalesPerson() {
    NorthwindDataContext db = new NorthwindDataContext();
    return from salesPerson in db.SalesPersons select salesPerson;

Key Features
  • Support for Multiple Datasource Types

    The DevExpress Pivot Grid provides full support for regular or custom data sources that implement the IList or IEnumerable interface. Also, you can use MS Analysis Services (OLAP) as a data source for PivotGrid.

  • Fully Customizable Reports

    With PivotGrid, users can easily change a report's layout visually in order to examine data from different/multiple perspectives.

  • Hierarchical Values Arrangement

    The PivotGrid extension allows analyzing raw or summarized data. Filed values are automatically arranged into a tree structure, and end-users are free to expand and collapse child groups to see more summarized or raw reports.

  • Automatic and Manually Specified Totals

    PivotGrid allows displaying grand totals for each row and column automatically. If the built-in summary calculation does not meet a certain business requirement, you can display any number of totals for any value group.

  • Data Sorting and Displaying Top Rows

    PivotGrid automatically sorts row and column values so you can easily locate required data. You can also specify the number of top rows to display a specific number of best-selling or worst-selling products for each year, month, customer, etc.

  • Data Filtering

    Filtering allows you to display a subset of rows and/or columns that meet a specific criteria. When filtering is applied to PivotGrid, only field values that meet a specified criteria are displayed.

  • Integration with the ASP.NET MVC Charts Suite

    Data displayed in PivotGrid can be visualized using the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Chart extension.

Version: v2017 vol 1.6
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