Team Operating Agreement

Purpose of the Team Operating Agreement (TOA)

This TOA serves as the guidelines and ground rules to help the project team work most productively together over the course of the project. The TOA is a living document and may be updated as the need arises throughout the project. Any updates will be discussed with and ratified by the project team members.

Team Communications

Decision Making


Project team members will meet twice a month. During each meeting, a “parking lot” will be used to record topics that require discussion at a later date.

Issues, risks, change requests, and action items will be reviewed and updated at each meeting.

The project manager will be responsible for facilitating and keeping meetings on track. Team members will accept the project manager’s decision to table or “park” a discussion topic.

Meetings will start and end on time. Team members will attend meetings in person when feasible. A dial-in number will be available for remote attendance.

It is the responsibility of each team member to stay current on the project team activities, even when he or she has missed a meeting

Personal Courtesies

Each team member represents a specific area of expertise or business unit. Team members will bring their individual perspectives to the team and will also consider what is best for the company.

All cell phones and other communication devices must be silenced during meetings and used on an exception basis only




Reviewed and approved by:

Project Manager


Senior Team Member


Novice Team Member


Company Lawyer