Must be in Range

Th RuleRange attribute demands that a particular IComparable property's value falls within the specified range. Here, this rule is applied to the following properties:
- "FromOneToFive" must be set to a value that is greater than 1 and less than 5, inclusive;
- "During2008" must be set to a date that falls within the year 2008.
- "LastSevenDays" must be set to a date that falls within the last seven days. Here, built-in XPO functions (AddDays and LocalDateTimeToday) are demonstrated.
- "Collection": the sum of all the collection elements' SumBetween0And50 property values must be greater than 0 and less than 50, inclusive;
- "Collection": the collection must contain at least one element with the AtLeastOneValueWithinFirstWeekOf2009 property set to a date within the first week of the year 2009.
To check this rule, save the current object.
Name AscendingNot filtered
From One To Five Not filtered
During 2008 Not filtered
Last Seven Days Not filtered
EditInvalid RuleRangeObject101/1/20094/26/2024
EditValid RuleRangeObject312/31/20084/18/2024
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