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RussiaCanadaUSAChinaBrazilAustraliaIndiaArgentinaKazakhstanAlgeria0M3M6M9M12M15M18MArea, km²0M200M400M600M800M1000M1200M1400MPopulation estimatesLargest Countries by Area and PopulationAreaPopulation

This demo illustrates how to use the ASP.NET Chart designer to customize the basic chart and series options at runtime.

To open the chart designer, click the Show Chart Designer.

In the chart designer, you can customize Area and Population series (e.g., change their name, view and labels layout), legend (e.g.,change text color, direction, alignment, visibility and font) and chart axes. You can also modify the chart title (e.g., change its text, text color, dock, alignment, visibility and font).

To customize a chart element, expand the chart element in the Chart Structure and locate the corresponding properties in the Properties grid.

To save changes and close the designer, click the Save and Close button.

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