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CheckComboBox Emulation


There are times when you may wish to have a combo box editor on your page that allows multiple selection. In the DevExpress web editors library, multiple item selection is built into the ASPxListBox editor by default, but the ASPxComboBox editor does not have this functionality. This demo illustrates how you can use a combination of the ASPxDropDownEdit and ASPxListBox editors to emulate a combo box that allows end-users to select multiple items within its dropdown list.

In this demo, a template of the DropDownWindowTemplate type is created within the ASPxDropDownEdit. This template contains an instance of the ASPxListBox editor whose SelectionMode property is set to the CheckColumn value. The Text property of the ASPxDropDownEdit stores a list containing the selected items (that is, the values of their Text property), delimited by semicolons. In addition to selecting items within the dropdown list, this demo allows end-users to select items by entering a semicolon-separated series of item text in the edit box of ASPxDropDownEdit. If item text that does not exist is entered, it is deleted from the edit box.