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Blondesddsl père et filsStrasbourg France$31.2030$936.00
Blondesddsl père et filsStrasbourg France$12.0020$240.00
Morgenstern GesundkostLeipzig Germany$36.4020$728.00
Morgenstern GesundkostLeipzig Germany$39.4012$472.80
Berglunds snabbköpLuleå Sweden$3.6012$43.20
Berglunds snabbköpLuleå Sweden$19.2020$384.00
Berglunds snabbköpLuleå Sweden$6.2030$186.00
Vins et alcools ChevalierReims France$30.404$121.60
Magazzini Alimentari RiunitiBergamo Italy$13.6030$408.00
Magazzini Alimentari RiunitiBergamo Italy$10.0020$200.00
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The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) is a powerful data shaping control that includes a variety of data summary calculation options. Total summaries are aggregate function values calculated against all rows in the ASPxGridView, and displayed in the grid footer, provided that the Settings.ShowFooter option is enabled.

The ASPxGridView stores its total summary items, which are instances of the ASPxSummaryItem class, in the TotalSummary collection.

The built-in aggregate functions include: Min, Max, Avg, Sum and Count.

In this demo, the Total grid column is declared as unbound by setting the UnboundType property to Decimal. The column's cell values are calculated at runtime in the CustomUnboundColumnData event handler.

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