Fixed (Anchored) Columns

Company Name Contact Name Contact Title Country Address Fax Postal Code Phone City
Exotic Liquids Charlotte Cooper Purchasing Manager UK 49 Gilbert St.   EC1 4SD (171) 555-2222 London
New Orleans Cajun Delights Shelley Burke Order Administrator USA P.O. Box 78934   70117 (100) 555-4822 New Orleans
Grandma Kelly's Homestead Regina Murphy Sales Representative USA 707 Oxford Rd. (313) 555-3349 48104 (313) 555-5735 Ann Arbor
Tokyo Traders Yoshi Nagase Marketing Manager Japan 9-8 Sekimai Musashino-shi   100 (03) 3555-5011 Tokyo
Cooperativa de Quesos 'Las Cabras' Antonio del Valle Saavedra Export Administrator Spain Calle del Rosal 4   33007 (98) 598 76 54 Oviedo
Mayumi's Mayumi Ohno Marketing Representative Japan 92 Setsuko Chuo-ku   545 (06) 431-7877 Osaka
Pavlova, Ltd. Ian Devling Marketing Manager Australia 74 Rose St. Moonie Ponds (03) 444-6588 3058 (03) 444-2343 Melbourne
Specialty Biscuits, Ltd. Peter Wilson Sales Representative UK 29 King's Way   M14 GSD (161) 555-4448 Manchester
PB Knäckebröd AB Lars Peterson Sales Agent Sweden Kaloadagatan 13 031-987 65 91 S-345 67 031-987 65 43 Göteborg
Refrescos Americanas LTDA Carlos Diaz Marketing Manager Brazil Av. das Americanas 12.890   5442 (11) 555 4640 Sao Paulo

Fixed (anchored) columns can improve data readability as they remain visible when a user scrolls the Grid horizontally.

The DevExpress Blazor Grid allows you to anchor columns to the Grid's left or rightmost edge. To anchor a column, set the desired column's FixedPosition property to Left or Right.

Just as with regular columns, users can display/hide fixed columns or change their order and size. However, users cannot move regular columns to a fixed column zone and vice versa.

In this demo, selection and Company Name columns are anchored to the Grid's leftmost edge. The check box above the Grid allows you to anchor the City column to the rightmost edge. Scroll the Grid horizontally to experience the visual/readability impact made by fixed columns.