Large Data (Instant Feedback Source)

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The DevExpress Blazor Grid supports use of our unique Server Mode data source for Blazor Server-based applications. This data source was specifically designed to work with large data collections. When you use this data source, the Grid loads data in small portions on demand (it does not load the entire dataset). As you might expect, this helps reduce memory consumption and improve usability. In Server Mode, all data shaping operations (grouping, sorting, and so on) are delegated from the Blazor application itself to underlying services (such as EF Core, XPO, and so on). These services process operations more efficiently and increase overall performance.

The Grid supports synchronous Server Mode sources and asynchronous Instant Feedback sources. For more information about these data sources and associated limitations, refer to the following help topic: Large Data (Server Mode Sources).

In this specific demo, our Blazor Grid is bound to an EntityInstantFeedbackSource. Follow the steps below to use this data source in your next Blazor project:

  1. Add a reference to a data source's namespace (DevExpress.Data.Linq).
  2. Create a data source instance. Set the KeyExpression property to the name of entity model's key property. Use the QueryableSource property to define the queryable data source from the EF Core data context.
  3. Assign the data source instance to the Grid's Data parameter.
  4. Dispose the data source instance within the page's Dispose method.

To help illustrate the performance benefits of Server Mode, this demo is linked to a dataset with over a million rows. Navigate between individual pages or sort/group/filter data to explore the power of the DevExpress Blazor Grid and the potential of Server Mode.