Large Data (Queryable)

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In both Blazor Server and Blazor WebAssembly applications, you can use the GridDevExtremeDataSource<T> to bind our Blazor Grid to a large IQueryable<T> data collection. This data source implementation is based on our DevExtreme.AspNet.Data library. When you use this data source, the Grid delegates data processing operations to an underlying query provider and only loads data required for screen display. This helps improve overall performance and reduces memory consumption.

To use this data source in your next Blazor project, create a GridDevExtremeDataSource<T> class instance and pass your IQueryable<T> data collection as the constructor parameter. Once complete, assign this instance to the Grid's Data property.

To help illustrate the performance benefits of GridDevExtremeDataSource<T>, this demo is linked to a dataset with over a million rows. Navigate between individual pages or sort/group/filter data to explore the power of the DevExpress Blazor Grid and the potential of GridDevExtremeDataSource<T>. For more information about this data source and associated limitations, refer to the following help topic: Large Data (Queryable Collections).