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Ship Name Ship City Ship Postal Code Ship Country Freight Order Date Shipped Date
Vins et alcools Chevalier Reims 51100 France 32 7/4/2014 7/16/2014
Toms Spezialitäten Münster 44087 Germany 12 7/5/2014 7/10/2014
Hanari Carnes Rio de Janeiro 05454-876 Brazil 66 7/8/2014 7/12/2014
Victuailles en stock Lyon 69004 France 41 7/8/2014 7/15/2014
Suprêmes délices Charleroi B-6000 Belgium 51 7/9/2014 7/11/2014
Hanari Carnes Rio de Janeiro 05454-876 Brazil 58 7/10/2014 7/16/2014
Chop-suey Chinese Bern 3012 Switzerland 23 7/11/2014 7/23/2014
Richter Supermarkt Genève 1204 Switzerland 148 7/12/2014 7/15/2014
Wellington Importadora Resende 08737-363 Brazil 14 7/15/2014 7/17/2014
HILARION-Abastos San Cristóbal 5022 Venezuela 82 7/16/2014 7/22/2014
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The DevExpress Blazor Grid can split data rows across multiple pages and displays a pager to enable data navigation between pages. Use the PagerNavigationMode property to specify how users navigate among pages. The following values are available:

  • InputBox - The pager includes an input box. Users can enter the desired page value within it.
  • NumericButtons - The pager includes numeric buttons.
  • Auto (default) - If the number of pages is greater than or equal to the PagerSwitchToInputBoxButtonCount value or the Grid is displayed on small devices, the pager displays an input box. Otherwise, numeric buttons are displayed.

The Grid also includes the following paging-related customization options:

  • PageSize - Specifies the maximum number of rows displayed on a page.
  • PageIndex - Specifies the current page index.
  • PagerPosition - Specifies pager position (at the bottom, at the top, or both at the bottom and the top).
  • PagerVisibleNumericButtonCount - Specifies the maximum number of numeric buttons displayed in the pager.
  • PagerAutoHideNavButtons - Specifies whether the pager's arrow navigation buttons are hidden when all numeric buttons are displayed.
  • PagerVisible - Specifies whether the Grid displays the pager.

Our Blazor Grid also allows users to change the page size dynamically at runtime. To display the page size selector, enable the PageSizeSelectorVisible option. Use the PageSizeSelectorItems property to specify predefined page sizes (available in a drop-down list). You can also enable the PageSizeSelectorAllRowsItemVisible option to display all Grid rows on one page (All dropdown list item).