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The DevExpress Blazor Grid allows users to focus individual grid rows. Note: Only one row can be focused within the current page. If you navigate to a different page, the Grid will lose row focus.

Set the FocusedRowEnabled property to true to enable the focused row option in the Grid.

Focus moves under the following conditions/events:

  • A user clicks a row with a pointing device
  • The Grid moves focus on initial load or when visible rows change (for instance, when a user sorts data or changes a page)
  • The SetFocusedDataItemAsync or SetFocusedRowIndex method is called

When focused row changes, the Grid raises its FocusedRowChanged event.

You can use the following methods to manage the focused row.

In this demo, the FocusedRowChanged event is handled to get the data item bound to the focused row and display item information below/next to the Grid.