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Contact Name Company Name City Region Country
Patricio Simpson Cactus Comidas para llevar Buenos Aires   Argentina
Yvonne Moncada Océano Atlántico Ltda. Buenos Aires   Argentina
Sergio Gutiérrez Rancho grande Buenos Aires   Argentina
Roland Mendel Ernst Handel Graz   Austria
Georg Pipps Piccolo und mehr Salzburg   Austria
Catherine Dewey Maison Dewey Bruxelles   Belgium
Pascale Cartrain Suprêmes délices Charleroi   Belgium
Pedro Afonso Comércio Mineiro Sao Paulo SP Brazil
Aria Cruz Familia Arquibaldo Sao Paulo SP Brazil
André Fonseca Gourmet Lanchonetes Campinas SP Brazil
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The DevExpress Blazor Grid allows users to sort data as requirements dictate. Sort operations can be applied via the Blazor Grid's UI elements as follows:

  • To sort against a single column, users can click the appropriate column header. Repeating this action will change sort order. The sort glyph indicates the column's current sort order.
  • To sort the Blazor Grid against multiple columns, users must click column headers with the Shift key pressed.
  • To clear sort operations for a column, users must click the appropriate column header with the the Ctrl key pressed.

To disable sort operations, set the DxGrid.AllowSort or DxGridDataColumn.AllowSort property to false (applied to the entire Grid or to an individual column).

Use the following API members to sort Blazor Grid data in code: