Group Row Template

Company Name City Unit Price Quantity Total
Country: Argentina (Sum of Total: $8,158.00, Count: 34)
Country: Austria (Sum of Total: $139,924.00, Count: 125)
Country: Belgium (Sum of Total: $35,122.00, Count: 56)
Country: Brazil (Sum of Total: $115,121.00, Count: 203)
Country: Canada (Sum of Total: $55,358.00, Count: 75)
Country: Denmark (Sum of Total: $34,800.00, Count: 46)
Country: Finland (Sum of Total: $19,780.00, Count: 54)
Country: France (Sum of Total: $85,624.00, Count: 184)
Country: Germany (Sum of Total: $244,614.00, Count: 328)
Country: Ireland (Sum of Total: $57,393.00, Count: 55)

The Blazor Grid allows you to specify a template for group rows when grouping is applied. To define group row content and appearance, add the GroupRowTemplate object to the markup. You can use the template's context parameter to access Grid data. This parameter returns a GridDataColumnGroupRowTemplateContext object that allows you to access the Grid and its rich API.

This demo customizes group rows displayed when Blazor Grid data is grouped by the Country column. The group row displays the Country field value and highlights summary values.