First Name Last Name Title Title Of Courtesy Birth Date Hire Date Address
Nancy Davolio Sales Representative Ms. 12/8/1978 5/1/2005 507 - 20th Ave. E. Apt. 2A
Andrew Fuller Vice President, Sales Dr. 2/19/1965 8/14/1992 908 W. Capital Way
Janet Leverling Sales Representative Ms. 8/30/1985 4/1/2002 722 Moss Bay Blvd.
Margaret Peacock Sales Representative Mrs. 9/19/1973 5/3/1993 4110 Old Redmond Rd.
Steven Buchanan Sales Manager Mr. 3/4/1955 10/17/1993 14 Garrett Hill
Michael Suyama Sales Representative Mr. 7/2/1981 10/17/1999 Coventry House Miner Rd.
Robert King Sales Representative Mr. 5/29/1960 1/2/1994 Edgeham Hollow Winchester Way
Laura Callahan Inside Sales Coordinator Ms. 1/9/1985 3/5/2004 4726 - 11th Ave. N.E.
Anne Dodsworth Sales Representative Ms. 1/27/1980 11/15/2004 7 Houndstooth Rd.
Data grid with 9 rows and 7 columns

The Blazor Grid allows you to specify a template for a toolbar. This template adds all necessary styles automatically. You can use the GridToolbarTemplateContext object to access the Grid component's API and execute appropriate commands.

To attach a toolbar to your Grid component, add the ToolbarTemplate to the Grid component's markup. In the template, add a DxToolbar component and populate it with items. Toolbar items can display an icon, text, or both.