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The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxGridView) is blazing fast, and its server side data processing engine allows you to create highly responsive web applications, regardless of dataset size or data complexity. Using the ASPxGridView server mode, you can even display a million rows, or allow users to sort, group and filter against large datasets.

In this example, the underlying dataset contains 300,000 records. You can perform various operations against the contents of the grid (such as sorting, filtering, and grouping), and calculate summaries against the values stored within the database.

Creating a high performance web application with the ASPxGridView is easy. This demo uses the XpoDataSource component, which ships as part of the DevExpress ASP.NET Subscription. XpoDataSource allows you to bind any DevExpress data-aware control to any database supported by XPO (the DevExpress ORM). XpoDataSource allows you to load records on-demand and perform data shaping operations on the server, reducing the amount of information that is transmitted to the client, and radically improving speed and application responsiveness.

Using XpoDataSource is simple and straightforward. Simply bind the ASPxGridView control to your data source via the XpoDataSource, and set the XpoDataSource.ServerMode property to true.

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