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Date Range Header Filter

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Patient:Sebastian Martin
Doctor:Steve Lee
Clinic:Dobson Institute for Rehabilitation
Visit Date:4/5/2021
Patient:Chase Taylor
Doctor:Ryan Fischer
Clinic:Cofir Clinic
Visit Date:3/27/2020
Patient:Jayden Bailey
Doctor:Mike Roller
Clinic:St. Mary Hospital
Visit Date:12/9/2020
Patient:Jeremiah Powell
Doctor:Ryan Fischer
Clinic:Florida General Hospital
Visit Date:12/15/2021
Patient:Kyle Foster
Doctor:Carl Lucas
Clinic:Florida General Hospital
Visit Date:9/13/2020
Patient:Isaiah Thompson
Doctor:Andrew Miller
Clinic:Redmond Medical Center
Visit Date:5/24/2021
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The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid View (ASPxCardView) provides a powerful data filtering mechanism allowing end-users to filter dates.

A date column's dropdown header filter displays a date editor (date range picker or calendar) and a list of predefined date periods. End-users can filter the records stored in the underlying dataset by selecting the values displayed within the dropdown.

By default, the header filter is disabled, set the column's AllowHeaderFilter property to true to enable it.

To specify a date editor that is displayed in the dropdown, set the column's SettingsHeaderFilter.Mode property to one of the following values.

  • DateRangeCalendar – a calendar is displayed in the filter dropdown. The calendar settings can be customized using the DateRangeCalendarSettings property.
  • DateRangePicker – a date range picker is displayed in the filter dropdown. The editors' settings can be customized using the DateRangePickerSettings property.