Scheduling - API Appointment Form

10 – October 14, 2016
Work Week

This demo illustrates how to create the appointment editing form, using client-side scripting. The technique employs the ASPxClientScheduler and ASPxClientAppointment objects.

In this example, popup menu commands are intercepted by JavaScript functions, which create the ASPxClientAppointment for the selected interval and resource or use the client Scheduler’s GetSelectedAppointmentIds and GetAppointment methods to obtain the client appointment. Then, the RefreshClientAppointmentProperties method updates the client appointment properties and invokes the scripting appointment form.

The scripting appointment editing form consists of two templates – ScriptAppointmentForm.ascx and ScriptRecurrenceForm.ascx. Their code implements the logic required to populate the form’s controls and update the appointment with new values. When the button on the form is pressed, one of the following methods of the client scheduler: UpdateAppointment, InsertAppointment or DeleteAppointment - is called. This method performs a callback using information contained in the client appointment. The appointment is then processed on the server.

Note that client-side appointment forms and client data processing may significantly reduce response times, and improve application performance and usability.

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