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Adaptive Layout

The DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler (ASPxScheduler) allows you to build adaptive layouts in adaptivity mode (the OptionsAdaptivity.Enabled=true). In this mode, the control automatically resizes its elements when an end user changes the browser's width.

  • Agenda View - Moves the date section above its appointments list, narrows the time section, and moves the resources to the appointment's subject.
  • Timeline View - Narrows day headers and appointment sections.
  • Day View – Narrows days’ appointment sections.
  • The Toolbar hides its view selector items in the drop-down list and displays an ellipse button.
  • The View Visible Interval changes the date format to make it more compact.

Set the AppointmentToolTipMode property to InfoSheet to display an appointment's tool tip at the bottom of the screen.