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Client-Side Events

DevExpress MVC Extensions include the following: data grid, menu, navigation bar, tab control, popup control, and many more.

Trace Events:

This demo illustrates the capabilities of our client-side event technology. All available client-side events are traced in this demo. Click an icon next to a product name to invoke an associated popup window.

Client-side events are triggered in response to specific user actions executed on the client side (in particular, when invoking or hiding a popup window). Client-side event handlers represent code written in JavaScript. In order to handle a client-side event, the sender web control provides a property that accepts either code handling directly or the name of a handling function. This function should be defined either directly in the page's HTML code or in a separate js file. For each client-side event, there is a specific object, which has both server-side and client-side representations. This object will automatically render the necessary JavaScript code to the page, and assign it as the handler to the web control on the client side.