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Large Database (Server Mode)

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This demo illustrates how the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Vertical Grid can be bound to large databases using Entity Framework ORM.

With the ASP.NET MVC Vertical Grid, you can easily bind to Entity data sources via the extension's BindToEF method. Simply call the method, pass the DataContext and table name as method parameters.

Internally, the BindToEF method uses our EntityServerModeDataSource component, which was specifically designed to allow the Vertical Grid extension to efficiently process large amounts of data. The EntityServerModeDataSource component automatically enables server mode to optimize the execution of all queries initiated by the Vertical Grid.

In this mode, the Vertical Grid performs data-aware operations on the database server side, which allows the Vertical Grid to quickly load and display data even if sorting, grouping, filtering, and summary are used. This technique significantly improves the Vertical Grid's speed and responsiveness.