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 ExpandButtonDevAV Annual Performance Review
 Hello All   Please remember that I’ve rescheduled our annual performance review.   As I wrote to you previously,
 Year End Financials
 Hi Samantha   This is a friendly reminder that I’ve yet to receive the year-end financials from you.   I will be
 ExpandButtonYour NDA
 Hello Brett   It’s been a while since we spoke last. I hope you and your wife are doing well.   I was reviewing yo
 Microsoft Surface Studio
 Hi Morgan   I know you’re swamped and you love Macs, but you’ve gotta see this…   I’ve been doing some research on
 DX-1200 Product Cut-Sheet
 Good Afternoon Mr Reagan   We’ve been trying to complete the new cut-sheet for the DX-1200 ExcelRemote IR.   Is th
 ExpandButtonHD Video Player Accessories
 Hi Lincoln   I understand some of our retailers are confused about the accessories included with our HD Video Player. &
 ExpandButtonConference Room – Hotels in Germany
 Hi John and Samantha   I’ve been trying to nail down a hotel for our German conference. Needless to say, this is an impor
 Artwork for packaging
 Good Day Morgan   I’ve been asked by the sales team to redesign the packaging for all our televisions. As you know, this
 Overdue Tasks
 Hello Sammy   Can you please give me an update on the following sales related tasks.   Follow-Up Email with Recen
 ExpandButtonOnline Meeting
 Hello Lucy   I need to schedule a meeting with the entire sales team. Can you please coordinate schedules and make certai
 Paris is Beautiful and Expensive
 Hello   I just returned from our annual sales meeting in Paris and I wanted to share some photos of the hotel.  I a
 ExpandButtonOpen Support Tickets
 Hi Kelly   Why do we have so many open support tickets? These support tickets need to be closed.   You should sche
 Firmware Upgrade
 Hello Kelly   Good News.   I’ve just received confirmation that the new firmware passed all internal tests and tha
 A Few Quotes to Help with Motivation
 Hello   I came across these quotes online and I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully they can help inspire you to achi
 Travel Per Diem and Reimbursements
 Hello   A quick reminder to read IRS Business Travel Expenses Topic 511. The following is a quote:   “Travel expe
 Network Issues Remain Unresolved
 Hello Amelia   We are experiencing network issues. I was here all night trying to resolve the problem but have yet to und
 Customer Feedback and Quotes About Our Service
 Hey Anthony   I received feedback from a few customers on our support services. We’ve been doing a great job with follow
 Product Training and Continuing Education
 Hi Jackie   Please don’t forget that we need to schedule on-site training events with all major retailers. Our new produc
 Sales Opportunities Breakdown by Region
 Good Day Sammy   Did you get a chance to look at our sales opportunity numbers? I don’t like what I see, but I’m new here
 ExpandButtonBuild Conference and SWAG
 Hi   I just returned from the Microsoft Build Conference. It was an amazing event and I’m so happy I went. I had a chance
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