Product Name Cost Sale Price Retail Price Inventory Manufacturing Backordered
HD Video Player$110.00$220.00$330.0022510
SuperHD Video Player$175.00$275.00$400.0015025
SuperPlasma 50$1,100.00$1,800.00$2,400.0000
SuperLED 50$775.00$1,100.00$1,600.007755
SuperLED 42$675.00$1,050.00$1,450.004450

HD Video Player


Billy Zimmer

Kelly Rodriguez

Get ready to be blown away by the world’s best HD Video Player. Powered by our newest chipset, the DevAV Video Player upscales and upconverts like never before. Clarity and brilliance is the foundation of this video player. It’s beautiful chassis and incredible build quality means you’ll be proud to show it off to friends and family. DevAV’s HD Video Player can play CDs, DVDs, standard BluRay Discs and 3D-encoded BDs. It handles videos, music, and photos sent from any DLNA 1.5-certifi ed media server. Image quality is superb, whatever the source. And whether you’re playing high-def DTS and Dolby formats or compressed MP3s, your audio benefi ts from its high performance DAC.