Subject Start Date Due Date Priority % Completed
Prepare 2018 Financial01/15/20181/31/2018High
IMPORTANT: The document must be fully formatted in Excel.
Prepare 2018 Marketing Plan01/01/20181/31/2018High
We need to double revenues in 2018 and our marketing strategy is going to be key here. R&D is improving existing products and creating new products so we can deliver great AV equipment to our customers. Robert, please make certain to create a PowerPoint presentation for the members of the executive team.
Update Personnel Files02/03/20182/28/2018High
In an audit I conducted of personnel files this, I found documentation to be lacking. Samantha, you need to review my report and get this fixed. Samantha Bright: John, I've completed this review and sent my report to you.
Review Health Insurance Options Under the Affordable Care Act02/12/20184/25/2018High
The changes in health insurance laws require that we review our existing coverage and update it to meet regulations. Samantha Bright will be point on this. Samantha Bright: Update - still working with the insurance company to update our coverages.
Choose between PPO and HMO Health Plan02/15/20184/15/2018High
We need a final decision on whether we are planning on staying with a PPO Health Plan or we plan on switching to an HMO. We cannot proceed with compliance with the Affordable Health Act until we make this decision. John Heart: Samantha, I'm still reviewing costs. I am not in a position to make a final decision at this point.
Google AdWords Strategy02/16/20182/28/2018High
Make final decision on whether we are going to increase our Google AdWord spend based on our 2018 marketing plan. We must seriously consider a higher spend if we are going to double revenues this year.
New Brochures02/17/20182/24/2018Normal
Review and the new brochure designs and give final approval. John Heart: I've reviewed them all and forwarded an email with all changes we need to make to the brochures to comply with local regulations.
2018 Brochure Designs02/19/20182/24/2018Urgent
The changes we need to make to our 2018 brochures have been forwarded via Email please review and send updated versions to Robert Reagan. Morgan Kennedy: This task has been completed. New designs are published on our server.