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Full-Screen Mode

This demo illustrates how to use the ASPxHtmlEditor with a complete set of toolbar commands in full-screen mode. The primary demo page provides two links you can use to open the HTML editor with a standard or ribbon toolbar. This behavior is controlled by the control’s ToolbarMode property.

To load the ASPxHtmlEditor in full-screen mode programmatically, execute the ASPxClientCommandConsts.FULLSCREEN_COMMAND client command on the control's Init event. An end-user can click the Fullscreen toolbar button or press F11 when the editor has focus to activate/deactivate the ASPxHtmlEditor's full-screen mode.

ASPxHtmlEditor can automatically rearrange the Menu toolbar content in response to browser window resizing using the SettingsAdaptivity.Enabled property. In adaptive mode, when the browser window is resized, the editor can hide toolbar items. To control the item hiding order, use the HtmlEditorToolbarItem.AdaptivePriority property.