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Active View Change

October 9 – 15, 2016
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This demo illustrates how to take advantage of the ASPxScheduler client-side scripting when switching active views.

In this demo, you’re able to switch an active view by selecting it in the combo box. To perform this, the code uses the ASPxScheduler client-side API.

When a view type is selected in the drop-down list, the SetActiveViewType client-side method is called to change the active view.

Two client-side events are handled when the active view type is being modified. The ActiveViewChanging event handler asks the user for a confirmation of changing the scheduler’s view type, and if the answer is negative, cancels the operation. After the active view type is changed, the ActiveViewChanged event occurs. It uses the GetActiveViewType client-side method to indicate the currently active view for updating the combo box content.