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Floating Action Button

October 9 – 15, 2016
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This demo illustrates how to use the floating action button (FloatingActionButtonProperties) that provides access to the most frequently used actions. The floating action button's actions depend on the triggered element in the scheduler. For example, the floating action button provides the "Open", "Edit" and "Delete" actions if a user selects an appointment or "Create new Appointment" if a user selects a time cell.

The following types of floating action buttons are available:

  • FAB with a single action - Executes the action once an end user clicks the floating action button.
  • FAB with multiple actions - The floating action button serves as a container for multiple actions. When pressed, the floating action button expands nested actions.

The FABActionItemClick client-side event allows you to provide custom scenario when a user clicks a custom action in the floating action button.