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Adaptive Layout

The DevExpress ASP.NET Scheduler (ASPxScheduler) allows you to build adaptive layouts in adaptivity mode (the OptionsAdaptivity.Enabled=true). In this mode, the control automatically resizes its elements when an end user changes the browser's width.

  • Agenda View - Moves the date section above its appointments list, narrows the time section, and moves the resources to the appointment's subject.
  • Timeline View - Narrows day headers and appointment sections.
  • Day View – Narrows days’ appointment sections.
  • The Toolbar hides its view selector items in the drop-down list and displays an ellipse button.
  • The View Visible Interval changes the date format to make it more compact.

Set the ASPxSchedulerOptionsToolTips.AppointmentToolTipMode property to InfoSheet to display an appointment's tool tip at the bottom of the screen.