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Find and Replace

  • Undo (Ctrl+Z)
  • Redo (Ctrl+Y)
  • Bold (Ctrl+B)
  • Italic (Ctrl+I)
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Find and Replace (Ctrl+H)

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC HTML Editor (HtmlEditor) provides the 'Find and Replace' feature that allows your end-users to easily locate and modify text within Design and HTML views. The 'Find and Replace' functionality is implemented by using two elements: search panel and Find and Replace dialog.

The Search Panel allows end-users to search text and navigate through search results. To invoke the panel, press the CTRL+F keys.

The Find and Replace dialog allows end-users to search text, navigate through search results and replace them. To invoke the dialog, click the corresponding button in a toolbar or in the search panel, or press the CTRL+H keys.