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Client-Side Events

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Trace Events:

This sample demonstrates the capabilities of the DevExpress client-side event management technology. All available extension-specific client-side events are traced in this demo. Play with the DevExpress ASP.NET MVC Spreadsheet interface elements, click a hyperlink or select cells within the active sheet to initiate client-side events.

The Spreadsheet extension provides advanced client-side event support. Client-side events are triggered in response to specific actions or events on the client, and cover all the key elements of the extension's functionality. Thus, they give you complete control over the Spreadsheet client-side behavior.

The following client events are available for the Spreadsheet.

  • Init. Occurs on the client side after the extension has been initialized, but prior to it being displayed within the browser.
  • SelectionChanged. Fires when a selection is changed in the Spreadsheet.
  • HyperlinkClick. Fires after a hyperlink is clicked within the Spreadsheet's document.
  • PopupMenuShowing. Occurs before the default context menu is displayed for Spreadsheet elements and allows you to modify the menu or cancel the action.
  • CustomCommandExecuted. Fires after a custom Spreadsheet command has been executed on the client side.
  • BeginSynchronization, EndSynchronization. Fire before and after the client-server synchronization is performed to apply changes and synchronize the server and client document models.

To learn more on client-side events, refer to the Client-Side Events help topic.