Charts - Dynamic Series

The DxChart allows you select data that matches the specified criterion from a data source and display chart series based on this data.

To do this, use the following settings available through the DxChartCommonSeries object:

  • NameField – A data field that provides series names.
  • AggregationMethod – A data aggregation method. You can use any function with the Func<IEnumerable<TValue>, TValue> signature as a value of this setting. A static Enumerble.Sum method is used in this demo.
  • ArgumentField – A data field that provides series arguments.
  • ValueField – Specifies a data field that provides series values.

You can also use the SeriesTemplate property to specify different templates for specific series types: DxChartBarSeries, DxChartLineSeries, and other type-specific series objects. Note that the SeriesTemplate property is used as many times as the number of data groups that match the specified criterion.