Combo Box - Business Object List as Data Source

The Combo Box component is a drop-down list editor that allows an end user to select from a list of items.

This sample demonstrates the Combo Box bound to a list of complex business objects. The text for the items displayed in the list is retrieved from the specified business object property. Try changing the selection to see the current object's property values.

SelectedRealBusinessObject { FirstName=John, LastName=Heart, Department=Electronics }

Combo Box - Cascading Lists

This demo shows how to populate a DxComboBox editor with items based on the user selection from another DxComboBox.

Selected values are: Germany / Berlin

Date Edit

DxDateEdit is a date editor with a dropdown calendar. You can enter a date into the text box or pick one from the dropdown.

Selected date is: Sunday, 19 May 2019

Spin Edit - Decimal Value Type

DxSpinEdit displays a numeric value and allows the user to modify it, either by typing a new value into the text box, or by using the up/down spin buttons to increment/decrement the value.

DxSpinEdit works with .NET built-in data types, including System.Decimal. The editor processes values directly on the server side, without changing to or from JavaScript number types. This ensures that values entered by the user never lose precision because of possible type conversions.

SpinEdit decimal value is: 79228162514264337593543940335

Text Box

The DxTextBox is a UI component that enables a user to enter and edit a single line of text.

TextBox text is: "Some text"