DevExpress UI Components for Blazor

The DevExpress UI for Blazor ships with native user interface components (including a Data Grid, Pivot Grid, Charts, and Scheduler) so you can design rich user experiences in your business apps.

Blazor Data Grid
A fast and responsive grid component with unlimited master-detail levels and unmatched data shaping capabilities.
Blazor Pivot Grid
An Excel-inspired pivot table control engineered for multi-dimensional data analysis and cross-tab reporting.
Blazor Charts
Fast and lightweight chart component with 20+ data presentation types.
Blazor Scheduler
A fully-featured scheduling solution that easily displays a detailed snapshot of events/appointments in your web application across a single day or a week.
Blazor Data Editors
An extensive suite of data editors to be used standalone or within container components.
Blazor Navigation and Layout
A suite of navigation components including TreeView and Pager, in conjunction with layout components that are designed to make your UI adaptive.
Blazor Reports
A feature-complete reporting suite for Blazor-powered web applications. DevExpress Reports for Blazor ships with an intuitive Visual Studio Report Designer and a comprehensive suite of report elements such as tables, labels, objects, charts, pivot tables, etc.
Blazor Upload
An easy-to-use Blazor UI component designed to monitor and manage the file upload process at runtime.

Getting Started

Refer to the following online resources to get started with DevExpress Blazor components:

Helpful Resources

Our components come with extensive reference material, documentation, examples and step-by-step instructions. This material will help you not only start using our products from scratch, but also learn about all of their capabilities much faster.


Need help or require more information? Explore the Troubleshooting help topic or submit your support inquiries via the DevExpress Support Center for assistance.