DevExpress UI Components for Blazor

The DevExpress UI components featured in this demo are available for free download and can be used in your next Blazor app.*

Review our GitHub Guide for details on how to set up your environment.

* Like any software preview, the DevExpress UI Suite for Blazor is not without fault. You should not use these products in production environments or in mission-critical applications.

How to run this demo on your machine

  1. Ensure that you have .NET Core 3 installed.
  2. Download the "demo" directory from the GitHub repository.
  3. Open demo/BlazorDemo.ServerSide/BlazorDemo.ServerSide.sln in Visual Studio 2019.
  4. Start the application.
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How to create a new project

Follow the steps below to try our Blazor in your own application.

  1. Create a new solution using the "Blazor (server-side)" or "Blazor" template in Visual Studio 2019.
  2. Register the DevExpress Early Access feed in Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager.

    See the Setup Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager topic for more information.

  3. Install the "DevExpress.Blazor" NuGet package.
  4. Obtain the client runtime from our GitHub repository - download all files from the "client-runtime" directory. Include the downloaded files into your start page.
  5. Register our tag namespace and helper in _Imports.razor file:
    @using DevExpress.Blazor
  6. Your application is ready to use DevExpress UI for Blazor.

Included Demo Modules