Button – Styles

This demo illustrates the DevExpress Blazor Button component with different styles and options. The main Button API members are listed below.

  • Text – Specifies the text within the button.
  • RenderStyle – Specifies the button’s render style.
  • RenderStyleMode – Specifies how to apply the render style to the button.
  • Click - Occurs after the button is clicked.
Click any button below to see the corresponding code snippet.

Contained style:
Outline style:
Text style:

Set the Enabled property to false to disable the button so that it does not respond to user actions.

Button – Icons

This demo illustrates how to display an icon in the Button component.

  • IconCssClass – Specifies the name of the icon’s CSS class.
  • IconPosition – Specifies the icon’s position relative to the text.
The demo also shows how to use the Title HTML attribute to display a tooltip text when the mouse moves over the button.

Button – Custom Content

This demo illustrates how to customize the Button’s appearance and content.

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