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Responsive Layout

The DevExpress ASP.NET MVC File Manager allows you to build responsive page layouts. The control automatically resizes and rearranges its elements depending on the browser window size. The layout behavior can be customized using the SettingsAdaptivity.Enabled property.

In adaptive mode, the file manager elements are modified as follows:

  • The detail view section columns are automatically hidden one by one starting at the right. The AdaptivePriority property defines the column hiding order. Set the DetailsViewSettings.SettingsAdaptivity.Mode property to "Off" to disable adaptive mode for the detail view section.
  • The toolbar items are moved the drop-down list that is invoked by clicking the ellipse button on the right. The EnableAutoHideRootItems property specifies whether the toolbar is adaptive.
  • The Folder container is hidden and can be shown by clicking the hamburger button in the left top corner. To disable adaptive mode for the folder container, use the EnableCollapseFolderContainer property.