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Endless Paging

Name:Naomi Moreno
Address:918 Park Lane
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0
Name:Logan Hernandez
Address:7625 Cloudview Dr.
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0
Name:Heidi Lopez
Address:2514 Via Cordona
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0
Name:Rafael Raje
Address:5269 Mt. Trinity Court
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0
Name:Jessie She
Address:5866 Military E
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0
Name:Alfredo Gomez
Address:9430 La Vista Avenue
Phone:1 (11) 500 555-0

The DataView extension supports an endless paging mode that allows loading items on demand. To enable this functionality, the PagerSettings.EndlessPagingMode property should be set to OnClick. In this mode, the DataView extension loads more items dynamically when the 'Show more items...' button is clicked.

Switch the Endless Paging mode option to "OnScroll" to see how the DataView automatically loads items on page scrolling.

Note that in this example, we purposely pause callback processing on the server side for half a second in order to make the loading panel visible during this time.