Series Point Customization

Annual Weather in New York

The DxChartSeriesPoint component allows you to customize a point's color, size, symbol, and visibility. You can use the CustomizeSeriesPoint event to change individual points' appearance. In this demo, points are colored according to their values.

Series Point Image

15-Day Weather Forecast

This demo illustrates how to use the DxChartSeriesPointImage component to specify custom images for points. To do this, handle the CustomizeSeriesPoint event and use the event argument's PointAppearance.Image property to access a point's image settings.

Series Label Customization

Annual Weather in New York

The DxChartSeriesLabel component allows you to customize a label's position, visibility, background color, and connector appearance. Use the event argument's PointLabel property in the CustomizeSeriesPoint event handler to access a label's customization settings. In this demo, points' labels are visible if their values are between 25 and 75.

The DxChartSeriesLabel component also supports font customization. To specify font properties of a series label, use the DxChartFont component.