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Accounting System: MasterView Home-Office Accounting System Jimmy Lewis Jerry Campbell Fixed 7/1/2004 7/10/2004 7/10/2004 Low
Web Edition: Data Entry Page Enterprise Accounting System Brad Barnes Steve Lee Postponed 12/4/2003 12/5/2003 12/5/2003 Low
Payables Due Calculator Small-Business Accounting System Ray Shipman Jeffrey McClain Fixed 7/11/2004 7/23/2004 7/23/2004 Low
Web Edition: Search Page Enterprise Accounting System Mark Hamilton Tom Hamlett New 3/31/2004 3/5/2004 8/9/2004 Medium
Main Menu: Duplicate Items Enterprise Accounting System Tom Hamlett Mike Roller Fixed 7/27/2004 7/10/2004 7/10/2004 High
Receivables Calculator Small-Business Accounting System Jimmy Lewis Bert Parkins New 4/3/2004 4/3/2004 8/11/2004 Low
B Ledger: Inconsistency Enterprise Accounting System Mike Roller Bert Parkins Fixed 6/6/2004 7/4/2004 7/4/2004 Medium
Receivables Printing Enterprise Accounting System Brad Barnes Tom Hamlett New 7/4/2004 8/10/2004 Medium
Screen Redraw Small-Business Accounting System Dave Murrel Ryan Fischer New 6/26/2004 7/8/2004 8/18/2004 Medium
Email System Enterprise Accounting System Dave Murrel Steve Lee Fixed 11/5/2003 1/28/2004 1/27/2004 Low

The DevExpress Data Grid for Blazor is a fast and responsive grid component with unlimited master-detail levels and unmatched data shaping capabilities. You can use it to display, manage, and manipulate tabular data with absolute ease.

The Data Grid ships with the following built-in capabilities:

  • High Performance Data Loading
  • Bind to Remote Data / Async Data Processing
  • Data Editing and Input Validation
  • Master-Detail Data Presentation
  • Data Sorting, Grouping and Filtering
  • Multiple Row Selection
  • Pre-defined Column Types
  • Templates and HTML Decoration
  • Virtual Scrolling and Paging
  • Save / Restore Layout