Memo is a multi-line text editor that supports different size modes. To specify the component's size in code, use the SizeMode property.

To apply different size modes, use the drop-down list in the demo card's header.

Bind Value On Input Change

The entered text is:

You can bind the editor's Text property to a field. If a user changes the input value, the editor updates its Text property. Use the BindValueMode property to specify when the update should happen. The following modes are available:

  • OnLostFocus (default) — The editor value is updated after the editor loses focus.
  • OnInput — The editor value is updated whenever a user types.
  • OnDelayedInput — The editor value is updated with a delay after a user makes changes.

Custom Size

The Memo component is a multi-line editor that stretches to fit the parent container's width, by default. To change this behavior, use the following properties:

  • Rows — Specifies the number of text lines displayed by the editor.
  • Columns — Specifies the editor's display width in characters.

Resize Modes

Memo supports different resize modes that are specified by the ResizeMode property:

  • Vertical (Default) — Users can only change the component height.
  • Horizontal — Users can only change the component width.
  • VerticalAndHorizontal — Users can change both the component height and width.
  • Disabled — Users are not allowed to resize the component.

To apply different resize modes, use the Resize Mode drop-down list below.

Clear Button and Placeholder

Set the ClearButtonDisplayMode property to Auto to display the Clear button in the editor when it is not empty. Use the NullText property to specify placeholder text that should be displayed when the editor is empty.