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Use our Blazor Radio Group component allows you to create a group/set of radio buttons (only one radio button within the group/set can be selected at any one time).

The Radio Group generates and arranges radio items based on a collection (the Items property).

Key Radio Group API members include:

  • ItemAlignment - Specifies alignment of Radio Group items.
  • ItemLabelPosition - Specifies position of item labels.
  • ItemLabelWrapMode - Specifies the way in which item labels are wrapped.
  • TextFieldName - Specifies the data source field used to supply text for individual items.
  • Value - Specifies the value of the selected item.
  • ValueFieldName - Specifies the data source field to populate item values.

Our Radio Group component supports different size modes. To specify component size in code, use the SizeMode property. To apply different size modes within this demo, use the drop-down list in the demo card's header.

Item Template

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You have selected: Chang

Use our Blazor Radio Group's ItemTemplate property to customize item appearance and layout.


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You can arrange Radio Group items vertically or horizontally (via the control's Layout property). Use the RadioGroup layout combo box to switch layout modes (Vertical/Horizontal) within this demo.