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Binding Individual Series

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Guaraná FantásticaSasquatch AleOutback LagerSteeleye StoutLakkalikööriIpoh Coffee050100150200250Price, Millions of DollarsCategory: BeveragesMin price: 4.5Max price: 263.5Average price: 37.98Northwind TradersProducts
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Label Settings

The WebChartControl allows its Series to be bound to data in two ways:

  • You are manually creating a series and bind it to the required fields in the data source.
  • The WebChartControl dynamically creates series based on the template settings that can be accessed using the WebChartControl.SeriesTemplate property.

In this demo, the first approach is used.

The selected category, its minimum, maximum and average prices are displayed at the chart's top-left corner. This information is dynamically updated for the selected category.

To do this, the BoundDataChanged event is handled after a new filter is applied.

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