Using Series Template

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The US Regions Gross State Product chart.
Data Settings
Labels Settings

The WebChartControl allows its Series to be bound to data in two ways:

  • You are manually creating a series and bind it to the required fields in the data source.
  • The WebChartControl dynamically creates series based on the template settings that can be accessed using the ChartControl.SeriesTemplate property.

In this demo, the second approach is used. The number of series is displayed at the view's top left corner.

Use the Series Data Member drop-down list to select a data field whose values are used to generate and populate series.

If the "Year" field is selected, the chart shows GDP per Country for each Year. Otherwise, if "Country" is selected, the chart shows GDP per Year for each Country.

In this demo the text style of Crosshair Series Labels and the Crosshair Group Header have been updated.

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