Data Grid - Column Types

This demo demonstrates the different column types supported by the DevExpress Data Grid for Blazor.

  • DxDataGridCommandColumn

    Displays data management commands such as New, Edit, Delete, Update, and so on.

  • DxDataGridColumn (Temp. (℃))

    Default column type that displays strings and uses a text box to edit values.

  • DxDataGridSpinEditColumn (Temp. (℉))

    Uses a spin editor with up/down buttons to edit column values.

  • DxDataGridComboBoxColumn (Summary)

    Uses a combo box control to edit column values.

  • DXDataGridDateEditColumn (Date)

    Uses a drop-down calendar control to edit column values.

Click the Edit command in any row to see the integrated data editors displayed by the columns listed above.

-16 3.2 Hot 05/20/2019
-19 -2.2 Warm 05/21/2019
51 123.8 Freezing 05/22/2019
30 86 Freezing 05/23/2019
25 77 Cold 05/24/2019