Recurring Appointments

22 Mon
23 Tue
24 Wed
25 Thu
26 Fri
8 8:00 00
9 9:00 00
10 10:00 00
11 11:00 00
12 12 PM PM
1 1:00 00
2 2:00 00
3 3:00 00
4 4:00 00
5 5:00 00
6 6:00 00

This demo shows how to set up recurring appointments for the Scheduler component. Note that the data object for a recurring appointment should contain the DxSchedulerRecurrenceInfo field (see the code above) to use this functionality.

The control UI allows users to create, edit, and delete recurring appointments.

Create Recurring Series

Select a value other than Never in the Appointment form’s Repeat section to create a recurring appointment series. The Recurrence Rule form appears. Fill in the fields to specify the recurrence rule and click Save.

Edit Recurring Series

To edit a recurring appointment, click it to show its tooltip and click the Edit button. A dialog appears.

  • Click Edit series to invoke the Appointment form that allows you to modify the recurrence pattern and recurrence rule. Click Save to save changes to the pattern.
  • Click Edit appointment to invoke the Appointment form without the Repeat section. Click Save to create a new appointment that is the recurrence exception.

Delete Recurring Appointment or Series

Click the recurring appointment to show the appointment tooltip and click the Delete button. A dialog appears.

  • Click Delete series to delete the recurrence pattern and all appointments that belong to a series.
  • Click Delete appointment to remove the recurring appointment.